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Fleetwood Elementary School

Fleetwood Elementary School in Mt. Laurel New Jersey

Fleetwood Elementary School is one of Mt. Laurel’s beloved and award winning elementary schools. With over 350 students grades K-4, as well as low-cost preschool programs, if is obvious that many pick their home so to be situation within this district. In fact, Mt Laurel is lucky enough to offer inclusion to some of the preschoolers with disabilities, giving them opportunities to learn right along with their peers. This is a wonderful opportunity for our children to be able to have these resources so accessible.

When my children were young, they went to Fleetwood Elementary School; I was very much involved with the PTO and have watched these amazing teachers start to finish in some of their careers. It was a wonderful community for children to be a part of then, and is even more so now. The amount of activities the school has for the children and parents is extraordinary. Everything from family races to “Ladies Night Out” to well orchestrating fundraising events.

Many home buyers often ask about the schools and their successes. I always recommend doing homework yourself and visiting the Department of Education website for New Jersey. There you are able to find the Performance Reports for each and every district. It a great tool to determine if you the district’s schools you are considering meet your standards. They are factually driven verses some of the sites you will find when searching, that provide opinions on performance.

Neighborhoods Sending to Fleetwood Elementary School

Mt. Laurel schools have for many years been a driving force for many of the communities, and Fleetwood Elementary School is a very favorable elementary school in my opinion. When searching for a home, know that it encompasses the neighborhoods of Timbercrest, Rancocas Woods, Devonshire, and all the streets in between these main neighborhoods. If you are interested in a home within the district I would be more than happy to help you, as well as connect with the tools to get registered in the schools and get involved with the community. You will not regret the decision to make this area your home!

Rancocas Woods

Rancocas Woods Neighborhood Mt. Laurel

Rancocas Woods is a small community on the northern edge of Mt. Laurel, with the average house being 3 bedrooms, 1 bath. Over time many of these homes have been expanded, so don’t be surprised if you find a home larger than that. And why wouldn’t you expand when many of the lots are .25+ acres and backing to beautiful untouched wooded sanctuaries. Easy access to both 295 and 38, and nestled between exits 5 and 6 on the NJ Turnpike, it’s a commuters dream.

Originally Rancocas Woods was built as a vacation spot for New Yorkers/ North Jersey folks that wanted to get away from the hustle and bustle of their lives, you will find some homes are situated perfectly to give you just that. The relaxing sounds of nature, large shading trees, and in some cases water edge lots. Running behind the Rancocas Woods neighborhood is the Rancocas Creek and the neighboring Rancocas State Park. A quick ride can have you exploring nature trails throughout over 58 acres of preserved land, access to guided tours, camps and more.

Where is Rancocas Woods?

Situated on Creek Road is the Rancocas Woods Shops. Originally an amusement park setting for those vacationers, in later times this stretch of businesses became more of an every day type of storefront. A quaint village of mom and pop owned facilities, weekend craft and antique shows, rare finds, and good eats were among the village. As the economy turned it seemed as though these small businesses could not survive and one by one closed their doors. Luckily, a real estate developer has recently purchased the properties and is rumored to have big plans to revitalize what was for years a highly trafficked spot for local families and visitors. As these plans develop and become known, I will be sure to update you. In the mean time, those who are familiar with this developer and his successes in the past, are anxious to see what the plan is.

Driving through the Rancocas Woods neighborhood you will see many homes being recently renovated and updated. The price of homes sales is steadily increasing making this a great area to invest in right now. So if you are looking for an opportunity such as this do not delay!

timbercrest mount laurel

Timbercrest Neighborhood in Mount Laurel, NJ

Buyers, be aware we have found perfection in the Timbercrest neighborhood of Mount Laurel, New Jersey. Timbercrest is a commuters dream location, quality homes, award winning schools, and a neighborhood that really is full of some amazing people. And I know this for sure, because I live there myself and can say whole heartedly that I have the most wonderful neighbors. Timbercrest, a small gem in Mt. Laurel consisting of over 200 homes, surrounded by mature trees, wide streets, and community that defies just that. Between holiday parties, mom groups, and neighborhood wide events, you can’t ask for much more. All of this at an affordable price currently between $300-350k and climbing, for a 3-4 bedroom home.

Sellers, this is for you too! What a remarkable event as we just sold the highest selling home in the neighborhood for the last year at $368,000! This is wonderful news for anyone looking to list their home soon as the mortgage rates for buyers are still low, but so is the inventory of homes in the area. Do not miss your opportunity to capitalize on the upcoming Spring market.

If you have any questions or are interested in an evaluation of your property please give me a call. Who knows best on how great Timbercrest is for a place to call home, than a realtor who does just that. So if you are a buyer looking, I may have a listing perfect for you. And sellers, if there is one thing I am good at it is selling homes in our neighborhood with confidence. I would be more than happy to help guide you through any steps to get your home ready to list for this exciting market.