Do you want to become a real estate agent?

become a real estate agent

Want to become a real estate agent? It looks both glamorous and easy on many of the mainstream television programs. In fact, if you watch enough of them not only do you want to be one, but you can’t help but think its a job pretty much anyone can do. But the truth is a successful […]

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The Home Buying Process: Found Your perfect home! Now what?

So if you read the previous article about getting started on buying a home, you are anticipating the next steps in the home buying process. So plain and simple, here they are! You have found your perfect home, and hopefully your equally as perfect realtor has negotiated and got you the price you wanted. Now, […]

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USDA Loans for Low Income Buyers

USDA loan program

Did you know it’s possible to purchase a home through a USDA loans program even if you are considered among the “low income”? How about this; not only can you do so, but it can be done with next to no money out of pocket. That is correct, you heard that right. No money out […]

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