Buying a Home in South Jersey for the First Time

buying a home in South Jersey

You are buying a home in South Jersey for the first time. It’s the biggest, probably most expensive purchase of your life. And unlike buying a car or furniture or even a puppy, you don’t just pick it out, ring it up and pay for it. So what do you do?

What to do when buying a home in South Jersey for the first time…

First step to buying a home in South Jersey... DO.NOT.PANIC. We help first time buyers all the time, and trust me when I say, you’ve got this. And besides, what is the most important purchase of your life should also be the most exciting.

Second step to buying a home in South Jersey is find out how much you can spend. It’s a very simple process of contacting a local lender, or even your bank or credit institution. Tell them you are considering purchasing a home and they will help you come up with the price point you should look at. They will take into account your income, your debt, your credit score, your savings accounts and more. Then they will give you a pre-approval letter that will be used for making offers. If you need a lender most realtors have a handful they would recommend too.

Third step to buying a home in South Jersey is to compose a realistic list of what you are looking for. Now that you know how much you can spend, where do you want to spend it? What kind of home do you want; single family, townhouse, condo, rancher, etc? Do you want a move in ready home or would you like to invest in a home you can fix up a bit yourself. Do you need a garage? Basement? Any preference on yard size or particular neighborhoods? The more details the better. And if you are purchasing a home with another person, talk with each other and get on the same page as much as possible for your list.

Final step to buying a home in South Jersey, armed with your pre-approval letter and your list of must have items, contact your local realtor. (((drop subtle hint here))) I know a pretty good one if you are looking, give me a call and I will get you touch with her or just call 609-923-2735. Subtle, right?

Truthfully, you should interview realtors, ask them questions regarding their experience, how long they have been doing this, how many transactions they have a year, etc. You want to feel comfortable with your realtor, feel like your best interest are of utmost importance to them, and have personalities that jive. Remember this is the most important purchase you are making and it should not be left in the hands someone that you feel uncomfortable working and communicating with.

So once you find that realtor they will most likely set you up on a “drip”. This will provide you with an automatically generated list of daily updates of any homes that meet what you are looking for. They can be sent directly to you and from there you can start your shopping!

Stayed tuned for our next blog regarding what happens when you find that perfect home in South Jersey! If you’re ready to start on your South Jersey real estate adventure, reach out to Michelle and her team today!

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