South Jersey

Michelle Discusses COMPASS Concierge

Michelle Carite discusses the COMPASS Concierge Program that allows a homeowner to perform home repairs, remodeling, cleaning and even staging ahead of listing their home with absolutely no money up front. This exclusive service from Compass pays for a wide array of items such as painting, staging, pest control, landscaping, roof repair and much more. […]

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The Home Buying Process: Found Your perfect home! Now what?

So if you read the previous article about getting started on buying a home, you are anticipating the next steps in the home buying process. So plain and simple, here they are! You have found your perfect home, and hopefully your equally as perfect realtor has negotiated and got you the price you wanted. Now, […]

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Buying a Home in South Jersey for the First Time

buying a home in South Jersey

You are buying a home in South Jersey, for the first time. It’s the biggest, probably most expensive purchase of your life. And unlike buying a car or furniture or even a puppy, you don’t just pick it out, ring it up and pay for it. So what do you do??? What to do when buying […]

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