Compass Concierge Helps You Get the Most Money for Your Home

Compass Concierge Helps You Get the Most Money for Your Home
The Compass Concierge program gives you money to do renovations BEFORE you sell! Have you ever thought about how to get the most for your home? And when you do, does that end up in a laundry list of things that you either don’t have the money sitting around to do, or maybe you just do not want to be bothered managing? Maybe it’s your childhood home and it’s just too emotional to deal with it and pay the nursing home bills for your parents. Or maybe you have already relocated across the country and it’s not physically possible to meet contractors, pick out paints, etc.
These are real life scenarios, both that I have personally dealt with multiple times in my career as an agent. And I have always been as proactive as possible in these situations, trying to help my clients. But now, with Compass Concierge, the tools are there now for me to go above and beyond the norm. I can manage these projects, hire contractors of your preference, and get you the most money for your home. All with the Compass Concierge program and an interest free loan to do so.

Compass Concierge In Action!



Recently I had a beautiful Mount Laurel home on the market. It’s set in a small neighborhood, on a cul-de-sac, with over 4000 sq feet of living space including a fully finished walk out basement. Many buyers would dream to find a home of this size and location. However, the feedback was again and again that the home needed to have the wallpaper removed and more neutral coloring. My clients are truly the kindest people and really wanted to make these changes, however they were scheduled for their cross country move and could not physically manage doing these tasks. So that is where myself and Compass Concierge has came in to help.
I met with designers, painters, flooring companies, etc. When the home was emptied out we had it repainted, carpet replaced and then staged it for the new listing. This home is coming to the market again in the next few days and with a complete facelift! I can not wait to see the traffic it will get now with some simple interior changes based on feedback from local realtors and potential buyers.
If you want to know more about how myself and the Compass Concierge program can help you get more for your home, call me today! I would gladly help walk you through this simple process and how it is of no cost to you!