Home Photos: Get Your House Camera Ready

home photos

Nothing is more bothersome than scrolling through home photos and admiring all the design work, moldings, layout, etc. Then you get to the bathroom, and there it is. The porcelain thrown staring right at you, wide mouthed and open. Stop! Put the seat down please! And lets be clear, this is not a lesson in manners, this is a lesson in how to stage your home to make it desirable to the naked eye. There is medical proof to show the slightest disturbance in a photo can brand a person with a negative thought. It sounds silly, yes, but it is true. Images, be the image itself or the angles play into the psyche, and leave lasting impression. Do you want that impression to be known “Beautiful house with the open John”?

What to do BEFORE home photos are taken

So take some time before the photographer arrives and walk room to room. Make sure beds look tidy, towels are straight, blinds are even, and dressers/vanities are clear of products. Put toys away as much as your possibly can and put laundry away…or hide it in the closets. This is not only for playing into the psyche of a buyer envisioning themselves in a new home, but also for a sellers safety and privacy. Along with that we all also suggest removing personal photo’s. Like I said, you want a buyer to come in and see this as their next home, not admire your wedding photographs or know what type of deodorant you prefer.

So take the time to consider these small details. Your home photos in most cases are your first impression to a buyer, let it be a positive one.