Michelle Discusses COMPASS Concierge

Michelle Carite discusses the COMPASS Concierge Program that allows a homeowner to perform home repairs, remodeling, cleaning and even staging ahead of listing their home with absolutely no money up front. This exclusive service from Compass pays for a wide array of items such as painting, staging, pest control, landscaping, roof repair and much more. And, you don’t have to pay for a thing until your home sells! The program comes with no charged interest, no hidden fees and no payments until the sale of the property. In fact, in many ways, the service pays for itself through faster sales and higher offers.

Michelle Carite was recently featured on NBC10 where was profiled one of her sellers who utilized the C Concierge program to remove old wallpaper and carpet to make their home ready for sale. The client also used COMPASS Concierge to have the hose professionally deep cleaned and staged. The results were quite impressive.

Watch Michelle Discuss CONCIERGE on NBC10