Nicole MacHenry: Marketing Manager

Nicole (Nikki) has been working with clients along side of Michelle for over 15 years. Though truth be told, she is also Michelle’s daughter, so she has had a front row seat watching her mother grow personally and professionally all her life. After going to school for Art Education, while teaching, she was working part-time as a realtor. It came second nature to that career and hours, not to mention her prior years of sales experience while in college. However since being very passionate about sales, Nikki left the education industry and began a career in the pharmaceutical and medical device sales, holding multiple awards and accolades for her successes. Earning a Master’s Degree in Business Administration and a concentration on Marketing and Organizational Leadership, she now has recently left that industry to work full time as the Marketing Manager for the Michelle Carite Group. She resides in the Stanwick Glen neighborhood of Moorestown with her husband, Chris, and their 5 children. She has sold everything from land to new construction, multi-units to condos, forever homes to vacation homes. She is well versed and trained by the best in the process of marketing your home.