NYC Commuters Living in South Jersey?

NYC Commuters Living in South Jersey

Did you know that there are a number of NYC commuters living in South Jersey? Often when you think of a New York commuter you assume they live right outside of the city in the Northern NJ suburbs. However, what many would find surprising is that many of these city commuters are migrating as far south as Burlington County.

An 80-mile plus commute may not seem desirable to a lot of people, but when you have the opportunity to work in one of the world’s most bustling cities and make a terrific salary doing so, it might be worth considering, especially since our highways in the area offer a straight shot.

Many towns in Burlington County are convenient to I-295 and the NJ Turnpike. NYC commuters living in South Jersey have the option of using the Turnpike to access several bridges and tunnels leading to the city, including the Lincoln Tunnel and George Washington Bridge. Similarly, residents can use I-295 for a relatively short ride to the Hamilton NJ Transit station, and an easy train ride to Penn Station and the NYC subway system.

With so many options of commuting by car, train and other forms of public transportation, homeowners are taking advantage of being able to get more for their money in southern areas of the state. And right off of major highways you will find an ease of access for commuting from many desirable Burlington County towns. And without diving deep into their pockets for higher-prices homes and higher taxes as they may up north, these residents can find amazing schools, small towns, larger lots of land, and more – all within a commute to the city.

So if you are one of these NYC commuters and you are thinking about making the move south, take a look at some of these towns that seem to be favorable to commuters: Chesterfield, Florence, Burlington Township, Mt Holly, Willingboro, Hainesport, Lumberton, Mount Laurel, Delran, and Moorestown. Geographically these towns sit near access to I-295, the NJ turnpike exits and easy opportunities for public transportation access. Call us to help you find your perfect fit for a southern suburb of NYC!

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