South Jersey Realtors Offering Bridge Loans

South Jersey Realtors Offering Bridge LoansMichelle and her team of South Jersey professionals are top South Jersey realtors offering bridge loans. With Compass Bridge Loan Services, you can access bridge loans from industry-leading lenders, without the burden of out-of-pocket costs.

What is a bridge loan? These loans, secured by your existing home, bridge the gap between the sales price of a new home and the homebuyer’s new mortgage, in the event the buyer’s existing home hasn’t sold before closing. The buyer can immediately use the equity in their existing house to buy a new home, without having to wait until the old home sells.

You have been or probably know someone who has been in this situation. For whatever reason, you haven’t sold your existing home, and you need to make the move right away, possibly for employment reasons. A bridge loan makes it possible to take the pressure off and avoid accepting a bad deal on the sale of your home just to be done with it.

Using a list of lenders that the buyers can choose from, Michelle and her team can help get the buyer approved for a loan and qualify for the amount they can purchase. With the buyer pre-approved, the home search can begin. Upon finding a property, she can submit the offers and negotiate the offer.

Michelle’s Experience Includes:

  • A career at Century 21 Alliance, where she was rookie of the year her first year in the business.
  • A core investor of the Keller Williams

Michelle Carite Team Reviews:

“Michelle really knew our market, which helped us arrive at a good price and generate interest and showings immediately. She is very professional, caring, and helpful. I would highly recommend her and already have to another friend.”

“Michelle helped us to buy our house. She is very professional and always on time. Simply Amazing!!! from communication skills to knowledge of South Jersey. Michelle immediately answered all my questions and clearly explained the process. She communicated with me all along the way and was receptive to and helpful with my concerns.”

“Michelle is an absolutely amazing realtor! She not only sold our house, but helped us find the best, new house for our family. She is extremely knowledgeable about the real estate in South Jersey and kept us continually informed of new listings that met our needs. She works around the clock, always getting back to us with answers to our questions and keeps an open dialogue with prompt replies.”

Let Michelle Help With Your South Jersey Bridge Loans Today!

Are you a South Jersey resident or planning to be one and need a bridge loan? Contact our South Jersey realtors offering bridge loans here, and we’ll reach out to you soon!

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