Do you want to become a real estate agent?

become a real estate agent

Want to become a real estate agent? It looks both glamorous and easy on many of the mainstream television programs. In fact, if you watch enough of them not only do you want to be one, but you can’t help but think its a job pretty much anyone can do. But the truth is a successful agent works much more than an hour long show with commercial breaks to get a deal to the table. And in the end, though hard, long hours and an emotional roller-coaster at times, I must say it absolutely can be one of the most rewarding occupations out there. Often you are playing a key role in one of the most exciting purchases a person can make.

How to become a real estate agent (a successful one)

To become a real estate agent, well a successful one anyway – real estate can not be treated like your average purchase of today’s times. You don’t just “add to cart” and get back in touch with your clients for the final check out. No way, its much more than that. You are with them every step of the way from determining what is the perfect home, to finding that home, assisting with any financing aspects, negotiating, inspections, repairs, and more. A successful real estate agent is there for their client and their needs often during abnormal hours, weekends, and even holidays. And most important, a successful real estate agent does not look at their client as just a buyer or seller. Instead they become more of a crucial role in their life, not someone who just passes through. They become friends and create a longstanding relationship based on trust and the fiduciary responsibility of the best interest of that client. Your reputation is all you have in the industry and it is important that you maintain one that is respected among clients and peers.

So to the original question, have you ever thought about becoming a real estate agent? And now seeing that realistically it is not what you see on television, are you still interested? If so, let me help you and guide you in the right direction. There are plenty of full-time and part-time class options to get you licensed for starters. Then from there you can determine what type of office is the best fit for you. Obviously I am biased in some ways to COMPASS being both an agent and owner, but there is many reasons I made the move which I will gladly share with you. After many years in a traditional office setting, I saw the opportunity in both training and technology that set COMPASS above the rest. But most importantly is the standards that they preach and the morals they expect from their agents.

Do not hesitate to reach out to me, I would love to help enlighten and guide you in how to become a real estate agent and how real estate could be an excellent career opportunity that you too could enjoy as much as I do.